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Benefits for Recruiters

I am a Recruitment Specialist, what are the benefits for me in using the EBW Emotional Intelligence System?

  • The EBW System will help you select the candidates with the best Business EQ, who will fly through their probation period and stay with your organisation for the longer term.
  • It is a fast and accurate psychometric test system that results in a reduced cost per hire, without impacting on quality.
  • Specifically, it enables you to reveal the true emotional drivers and behaviours (Business EQ), that can't be accurately assessed through an interview (e.g. Impression Management, Mental Toughness, Motivation to Succeed, Decision Making, Influencing etc.).
  • The Impression Management Tool (IMT) - reveals what candidates do not want you to know. Are they trying to create too good an impression etc.
  • It enables you to make accurate comparisons against other successful candidates by comparing the results against their peers (directors, managers, graduates etc) .
  • It saves you vital preparation interview time and makes your interviews more focused.  Each EBW recruitment report provides specific follow-up questions to guide a step-by-step behavioural interview. The report also supplies a detailed description of the key behaviours to look for in a candidate, along with vital assessment criteria for evaluating the evidence. 

To be able to use the EBW System to develop business....

  • Differentiate your services from the competition.
  • Offer innovative Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions more consistently.
  • Flexible system ensures it will fit all your clients' organisation's recruitment needs.
  • Have the ability to test candidates worldwide in multiple languages (including Chinese, Arabic & Korean)
  • Use the EBW Psychometric Test System for Executive Selection & Recruitment as an add-on or in-house service.
  • Make your services more measurable to the 'bottom line'.
  • Provide additional EBW business interventions to your existing and new clients (On-boarding, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, EBW Team Development Programmes etc.).