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The great cause of corporate dysfunction

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To change people’s performance you need to get under their skin and understand what drives their behaviour.

Last week I was talking to Stephen Walker (one of our EBW Psychologists) about a problem I had with a client not delivering what he agreed.

In response, he told me a story about visiting his osteopath for a bad back problem.

After running a few tests, manipulating his back for 30 minutes or so, his osteopath quickly rattled off six different exercises that she would like him to do regularly. She assumed that as she had made the correct diagnosis and told him what to do, her job was done.

Two weeks later Stephen had a bad back again. So he visited his osteopath and she went through the same process.This time at the end of the session, she told him she would book him for regular fortnightly visits.

When Stephen questioned why he would need this, especially as he felt so much better now – she told him she could tell that he was not doing the exercises she recommended.  And if he was not going to do them he would be visiting her regularly!

Stephen told me he has not been back to his osteopath. He does his exercises daily and when he misses them he gets warning pains but he now knows what to do.

One of the great causes of corporate dysfunction is the glaring gap between “I say” and “they do.” It’s a huge mistake to assume that just because people understand, then they will do.

A lot of our clients, we directly work with, are leaders who are successful, extremely action-oriented but impatient and we regularly hear them say statements like.

“I don’t get it, I clearly articulated the vision and direction in our team meeting.”

To change people’s behaviour and improve performance you can’t just tell them or educate them.

You need to get under their skin and understand what drives their behaviour.

You have to work with them and provide the personal tools to empower them to change their performance.

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